You have successfully installed the Supportworks server. Supportworks Version 7.4 offers a number of new features. If you have upgraded from a previous version of Supportworks/Helpdesk Professional, please read the latest release notes for a summary of these features.

If you need to know how to configure or customise Supportworks, please read the relevant user documentation, which is accessible from the "Getting Help" page of this portal, or from the Supportworks client once installed.

Should you have any difficulties installing or configuring any of the Supportworks software, you can display the contact details of our support team by clicking the "Getting Help" link.

You will now need to install the Supportworks client software on each of the support analysts' computers.

Also, if you want any of your analysts to be able to access the Supportworks helpdesk database remotely, using an ODBC-compliant application such as Microsoft Access or Crystal Reports, you can install the Supportworks Remote SQL ODBC Driver on their computers.

You will find links to both of these installation processes on the "Client Software" page of this portal.